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Bring a Smile Back on Your Face

Let our customised and natural dentures and bring that confident smile back.

Customized Complete and Partial Dentures in Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack, and Sardis

Are your missing teeth or teeth damage restricting you from smiling happily or chewing your food properly? It’s time to welcome dentures into your life. At Accurate Denture Clinic Ltd., you can count on us to provide you with customized dentures in Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack, and Sardis. 


Natural, High-Quality Dentures to Help You Smile

Comfortable, custom-made, and functional at every stage, dentures are the go-to option for missing teeth. An effective tooth replacement option, dentures can replace your gaps, giving your face a defined appearance. Customized dentures that match your age, features, and lifestyle choices allow you to get accustomed to them quickly. 


If you require complete or partial dentures in Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and the surrounding areas, schedule an appointment at our denture clinics today.

custom partial denture

Customized Partial Denture Services

Partial dentures are fitted perfectly with the alignment of your natural teeth and are used in place of missing teeth. Made from a combination of metal and acrylic or entirely out of plastic, these dentures provide a natural-looking appearance and great support to your teeth. A partial denture is designed according to the patient’s oral structures and may be completely tooth supported or held by precision attachments. 


The process of creating partial dentures depends on various factors. In most cases, if the areas surrounding the missing teeth have existing root tips, they need to be extracted first. Following this, our denturist will take impressions of the ridges designed to help you bite and chew your food. A partial denture will fill the spaces created by the gaps in your mouth. This will prevent your teeth from changing position. After some adjustments, the final set of dentures that complement your oral health and facial features is ready within four to six dental visits. 


Who Needs Partial Dentures?

Those who've lost a few of their teeth in the upper or lower jaw can benefit from partial dentures. Some common reasons for losing teeth that we replace with partial dentures include:

  • Trauma such as that from an injury

  • Tooth extraction

  • Decay

Generally, partial dentures are suitable if you still have remaining natural teeth that are healthy. They might even be ideal if you're not a good candidate for bridges or dental implants. To get a better idea, please speak to our denturists in Langley. We also provide precision and standard dentures.

Advanced Complete Denture Services

Complete dentures are a set of removable dentures that replace your missing teeth in either the upper or the lower jaw. They give you complete coverage and consist of the artificial teeth and their denture base.

Complete dentures may rest directly on the gum that covers the bone or it can be fitted over implants. During your initial consultation, the denturist will recommend solutions for you to consider and will also inform you about the process involved in designing an accurate denture for you.

The process of creating complete dentures involves a multi-step procedure that requires up to three to six weeks. Our denturist will take an impression of your upper and lower jaw. These impressions are used to create models of secondary impressions that are customized according to the shape of your mouth. Many adjustments are made to the impressions and only then the final denture is cast and adjusted in your mouth. You can try it on and make the desired adjustments to the shape, colour, and fit before it’s finalized.

complete denture

FAQs About Partial Dentures

The following are some commonly asked questions about partial dentures:


Do Partial Dentures Look Natural?

Absolutely. We customize your partial dentures to replicate the appearance and functioning of your natural teeth.


Can I Get a Partial Denture for a Single Missing Tooth?

Yes, you can. In fact, a partial denture is one of the most common procedures to replace a single missing tooth. A partial denture will help to prevent the surrounding teeth from moving.


Are Partial Dentures Better Than Bridges?

As opposed to partial dentures that are removable, bridges are permanently attached to your mouth. Whether or not partial dentures are better than bridges for you depends entirely on your oral health, condition of your existing teeth, lifestyle and budget. For instance, partial dentures might be better if you have several missing teeth in a row.


Will Partial Dentures Affect My Appearance?

A personalized partial denture from us will improve the appearance of your face by providing support to your lips and overall facial structure. Replacing missing teeth with partial dentures will give you a more natural appearance.


Do I Have Any Eating Restrictions with Partial Dentures?

No, you do not. On the contrary, partial dentures will enhance your ability to chew, allowing you to enjoy foods that your missing teeth would force you to avoid.

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Customized, Well-fitted Dentures in Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack & Sardis

Advanced dental restoration treatment to help you smile wide!

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