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We Fabricate Precision Dentures for You

Get total oral comfort with our precision standard dentures.


Make Accurate Denture Clinic Ltd. your first choice when it comes to precision and standard dentures. We serve across Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Sardis and surrounding areas. A precision denture is made to suit each person’s individual looks and needs by using extensive measurements of your oral cavity. Details like the shape of your face, jaw line, lips, eyes, eyeglasses and hair color are also taken into consideration. High quality teeth are also used to give you a high chewing efficiency and a natural looking smile. A precision premium denture provides excellent function and fit during everyday life activities, optimizing the ability to eat, speak or laugh confidently.


Standard dentures could also fit comfortably and function reasonably well. However, they are designed using average measurements for patients who simply want a good quality denture. Although the choice of materials such as tooth shapes and colors are not as extensive as our Precision denture option, good quality teeth are used and it is still handcrafted and made to suit each person’s individual looks and needs.

Professional Affiliations


   Member of Denturist Association of BC

   BPS Certified

   Member of the Denturist Association of Canada

Denturist Association of BC
Member of Denturist Association
Member of Denturist Association
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