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Digital denture tool

Digital Dentures Provide More Comfort for Our Patients

Digital dentures are dental prostheses created with the help of scanners, design software and mills or printers. These digital tools can provide for more accuracy, efficiency and often more comfort for the patient.


The digital denture workflow can start in different ways: sometimes a conventional impression is still needed, sometimes a direct scan in the patient’s mouth can be done to create a digital impression for dentures, and sometimes an impression isn't needed because the Denturist does a duplicate of an existing denture. The way the workflow looks depends entirely on the clinical situation and the type of denture that is created.

Dentist scanning patient's teeth with modern scanning machine
Male dentist hand pointing at computer display with dental 3D scan

With the advent of digital dental scanning technology, it became possible to do digital imaging for dentures in a few minutes with maximum comfort for the patient. In the design phase of the workflow, corrections that could previously take hours, are now done in ten to fifteen minutes. In addition, in the case of a digital removable prosthesis, the uniformity of the design is very beneficial. The Denturist can provide the patient with cost-effective 3D printed dentures in a half the amount of time, which reduces the duration of the treatment, number of visits needed, and time spent working with the patient. 


Challenging cases can even be tested with designs that are then digitally archived and can easily be referenced or duplicated. A 3D printed treatment is therefore a very cost-efficient solution.

Benefits of Digital Dentures:

More comfort and better fit — digital dentures benefit from digital scanning accuracy, which enables technicians to create dentures with better fit and retention.


Faster fabrication speed and fewer dental visits — creating digital prostheses can be done faster than traditional ones. This also results in savings on the number of visits and adjustments needed.


Digital prostheses are up to 8 times stronger than conventional — especially when they are milled and made from robust milling materials such as MMA or PMMA.

Esthetics — when the denture design software works with official teeth libraries, the patient gets infinite options to create their perfect smile. The denture can be made truly lifelike with natural morphology, color, structure and reflection.


When lost or damaged, digital complete dentures can easily be duplicated. A denturist will simply ask the lab to find them in the electronic database and get them re-produced.

If you have any additional questions, call one of our locations in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Sardis, and Langley to book a FREE consultation with Accurate Denture Clinic Ltd and we can see if digital dentures are the right choice for you!

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