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Immediate Dentures in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Sardis, and Langley

Are you worried that you might have to go without teeth for a few days after undergoing an extraction procedure at your dentist? Accurate Denture Clinic Ltd. provides immediate dentures in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Sardis and Langley. When complete extractions of your remaining teeth become unavoidable, an immediate denture is a solution. The denturist will initiate the procedure of preparing your immediate dentures before your teeth are extracted. Once the extraction appointment is over, your immediate dentures are inserted. These dentures help you avoid the embarrassment of having no teeth during your healing period.


At the completion of your healing period, a permanent reline could be applied or a new denture may be fabricated to ensure a comfortable and proper fit. Temporary liners, tissue conditioner and relines are post treatments services that might be necessary in order to provide proper functioning dentures.

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What Are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are same-day dentures which are inserted immediately after you have undergone teeth extraction. When you visit your denturist and they recommend the extraction of all your remaining teeth, your permanent dentures may not be ready. That is where immediate dentures become a temporary solution and prevent you from having to go without teeth. After the extraction process is over, your immediate dentures are placed in your mouth to give you a full set of teeth. Designed to fit your gums, the immediate dentures allow you to go home the same day with your smile intact.


Accurate Denture Clinic Ltd. is a trusted provider of immediate dentures in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Sardis, and Langley.

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What Is the Process for Getting Immediate Dentures?

When you are getting immediate dentures, you will be given a detailed treatment plan. First up, there will be a consultation with the denturist where the impression of your existing teeth and bite are taken prior to the extraction. Using these impressions, a temporary denture is created. Your temporary dentures might need to be readjusted as your gums recover post-surgery. After your permanent dentures are ready, you can start using them for the long term.


The process for providing immediate dentures is quite different from that of conventional dentures. In the case of conventional dentures, the impression of the oral cavity is taken after extraction, and not prior to it. These dentures are inserted once your gums are completely healed after the surgery.


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Same-Day Extraction and Dental Implant

Let us resolve your tooth loss issues with same day extraction and immediate dentures.

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