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Choose Us for Suction Dentures

We Combine the Latest Technology with Time-trusted Methods.

A denture is considered effective only when it fits firmly in place during all your mouth’s daily functions such as chewing, speaking, laughing, smiling and other activities. If you are looking for suction dentures in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Sardis, and Langley, Accurate Denture Clinic Ltd. is the name you can trust. Unfortunately, lower dentures are difficult to stabilize and control. This can cause frequent discomfort and an inability to chew properly. Lower suction dentures can be of great help in such situations. This new approach uses unique impressions to create dentures that are formed to fit your mandible. This unique impression will mirror everything from the natural shapes and movements of your oral cavity in order to create a strong seal around the complete dentures, and a firm suction to hold them in place. Manigeh Ghorbanali traveled to Japan in 2018 to be trained by Dr. Jiro Abe, a world-renowned Japanese Dentist for suction dentures. Not everyone qualifies for suction dentures. Your Denturist will determine if you are a suitable candidate. Call us today to get your suction dentures.

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Benefits of Suction Dentures

Lower suction dentures can be highly beneficial when you need a carefree solution to missing teeth. These dentures allow you to eat, smile, and laugh confidently, as they don’t lift or float during any sort of movement in your mouth. Hence, you will be safe from experiencing awkward or embarrassing moments in front of your friends and family. Other benefits include:

  • Enhance chewing ability

  • Give a more natural and less cumbersome feel

  • Reduce the need for implants

  • Messy adhesives are not required

  • Reduction in sore spots

  • Customizable characteristics

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Oral Stability and Control

Improve your mouth’s daily functions with the latest in suction denture technology.

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