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Denture Relines and Rebases in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Sardis, and Langley

Look no further than Accurate Denture Clinic Ltd. when you are in need of denture relining in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Sardis, and Langley. Relining is a normal part of denture maintenance and necessary to keep your denture fitting well. A reline is recommended every two to three years or may be required in the following situations: weight loss, bone loss in the upper or lower jaw, tooth loss, post immediate dentures, general physiological aging, and sickness or disease. 


The appearance of your dentures will not change. This procedure can be performed by chairside which means the material used is cured while the patient is on the chair. Because of the nature of material used it is not considered as accurate and long lasting as a laboratory processed reline.

denture technician modeling new dentures
Close up , Complete denture or full denture on blue background

A Laboratory processed reline is still considered one of the best types of reline available and very durable. The acrylic is processed and cured in the laboratory in the same way the acrylic of the original denture is cured. Laboratory processed reline will require you to be without your denture for most of the day.


Rebasing is similar to relining. The difference being that a rebase replaces all of the acrylic denture base material. The existing teeth remain in the exact same place. A rebase is often done when the denture is broken or weakened due to multiple repairs and does not fit well. It's even possible to get same day service with a rebase, depending on what time of the day you come in. If you require denture rebasing, Accurate Denture Clinic Ltd. can help you.

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