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  • woman holding dentures and apple
    Foods You Should Avoid Eating When Wearing Dentures

    Did you know that around 19% of the population wears some form of denture?

    There are different types of dentures that can help you replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth. Depending on your needs, dentures can be made from a variety of different materials to provide you with a beautiful smile.

    While dentures are incredibly strong, there are some foods that you should avoid for a while after you get your new dentures. You can then transition slowly to more hard foods, but some foods should be avoided permanently.

    Are you looking for a comprehensive list of foods that you should avoid eating when wearing dentures? We cover some of the main foods to avoid in our blog below.


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  • choosing dentures vs dental implants
    Dentures vs Dental Implants – What’s Best for You?

    Did you know that several common oral health conditions can lead to tooth loss? This affects a lot of Canadians and is nothing to be embarrassed about.

    However, it can have a big impact on your confidence and everyday comfort. Fortunately, dentures and dental implants are two common options available for teeth replacements to restore a full smile.

    So when it comes to deciding between dentures vs dental implants it's all about finding the right fit for you! Read on to find the pros and cons of dental implants and dentures to help you make the right choice.


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  • consultation with denturist for dentures
    Top 4 Signs That You Should Consider Dentures

    Despite what most people believe, dentures aren't something you only consider once you've reached a certain age. Losing teeth is never ideal, but there are some signs that you might need to start considering dentures sooner rather than later.

    Before you can schedule an appointment with your denturist to be fitted with the best dentures, you've got to understand the signs that you need to get dentures.


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  • denturist explaining implant supported dentures
    How Long Do Implant Dentures Last?

    The Canadian Dental Association reports that tooth loss is one of the most common oral diseases seen in both Canada and around the world. Dentures, therefore, need to be in the plan for many aging Canadians.

    But when it comes to getting new dentures, how do you know they'll last? How long should you expect to use your dentures?

    That's what we're here to look at today. Read on to find out more about what dentures are and how long implant dentures will last on average. 


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  • denturist holding dentures
    What Can I Do When My Dentures Are Loose?

    It's extremely annoying when your dentures are loose because eating, drinking, and speaking all become painful and difficult. Dentures might be labelled 'false teeth', but they are a common option to replace missing teeth.   

    Unfortunately, due to wear and tear, bone loss, and other issues, dentures do become loose. 

    If you are asking the question “why are my dentures loose?”, then we have the answers for you. Read on to see what you can do about your loose dentures. 


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  • older man consulting denturist
    Traditional vs. Implant Supported Dentures: What Is the Difference?

    According to the Canadian Dental Association, 2% of the population worldwide suffer from severe tooth loss. If you are missing teeth or are at risk of losing them, your best solution may be to get dentures.

    First, though, you will have to figure out which type is best for you. At Accurate Denture Clinic, we offer both traditional and implant supported dentures. Both options have different application processes and benefits. To learn everything you need to know about implant supported and traditional dentures, keep reading this guide.


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  • denturist
    Common Challenges Faced With New Dentures

    Dentures can help restore your smile, and they can also make it easier for you to eat and speak. Are you getting dentures for the first time? Are you unsure of what to expect?  


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  • denturist explaining dentures over implants
    A Guide to Dentures Over Implants: Everything to Know

    In the dental world, there are many ways to solve a patient's problems. But sometimes issues become so long-lasting that dentures are the best option

    Dentures provide the patient with a complete or partial set of new teeth. These teeth are very durable and aesthetically pleasant. Many find so much relief in their dentures restoring the abilities of natural teeth such as chewing and speaking clearly. 

    But many don't know the option of getting dentures over implants and when they might be the best choice. We’ve made this guide of everything you need to know about the process for dentures over implants. 


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  • denture
    Tips on How to Get Used to Dentures

    Wearing dentures is an effective way to restore your smile, boost your confidence and improve the quality of your life. However, new wearers may take some time to get used to dentures. This is because there is an adjustment period where you have to get used to the feeling of having them in your mouth. But there is no need for you to sacrifice comfort for your smile.

    Denturists at Accurate Denture Clinic are more than happy to answer any concerns or questions you have regarding wearing dentures. We are in the practice of creating high-quality dentures since 2006. Whether you are missing all your teeth or a single tooth, we can fabricate the perfect denture for you.

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  • complete and partial dentures
    Your Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Dentures

    Dentures are detachable replacements for missing teeth and are either complete or partial. People with no remaining teeth use complete dentures, while people with some remaining natural teeth use partial dentures. Dentures are custom-designed to match and look like your natural teeth. Count on Accurate Denture Clinic Ltd. for complete and partial dentures in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley and Sardis. We also provide customized dentures designed to match your age, complexion and facial features.

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