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Updated: Dec 7, 2022

denturist holding dentures

It's extremely annoying when your dentures are loose because eating, drinking, and speaking all become painful and difficult. Dentures might be labelled 'false teeth', but they are a common option to replace missing teeth.

Unfortunately, due to wear and tear, bone loss, and other issues, dentures do become loose. 

If you are asking the question “why are my dentures loose?”, then we have the answers for you. Read on to see what you can do about your loose dentures. 


Use a Stronger Adhesive

Of course, if your dentures have become loose, the first thing you should do is go to your denturist so they can fix them for you.

If you're unable to visit a denturist immediately, you can get a stronger adhesive for your loose dentures". Remember though, that this is just a temporary solution.

You should only use a tiny amount of denture adhesive to keep your dentures in place until you can see your denturist again.

Ensure that your denture adhesive doesn't contain a lot of zinc, as that can cause health problems, especially if you also have a zinc-rich diet.

Reline Your Dentures

When you visit your denturist, they will be able to see if your dentures need relining. A reline can help ensure that the denture fits well, and is a process that should performed every two or three years.

Over time, the bones and tissues in your mouth change, and this will affect the way your dentures fit your mouth. You can either get a hard acrylic denture reline, or a soft denture reline (for people with tender gums).

Again, relining your dentures is only a temporary solution, and shouldn't be relied upon long-term.

Think About Dentures Over Implants

The ideal solution when your dentures are loose is to get dentures over implants. These dentures are supported by dental implants which offer enhanced stability.

Implant supported dentures help preserve the remaining bones in your mouth, because the titanium posts fused to your jaw bone act like teeth roots and stimulate bone growth, as opposed to traditional dentures that may cause bone loss.

Dentures over implants are also secure and stable and feel exactly like your real teeth.

No more fiddling around with loose dentures and temporary solutions. Your denturist will be able to tell you whether this is recommended for your situation or not.

Dentures Are Loose? - Get Your Dentures Fitted Properly

When your dentures are loose, and your quality of life is affected by pain or discomfort, it’s time to visit your local denturist and review your options.

Accurate Denture Clinic specializes in dentures and serves Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack, and Sardis. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our professional denturists and find solutions for your loose dentures.



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